Ah, love! Tour the palace and castle with centuries of royal storybook romance history

Thursday 7th December 2017 8:45 am posted in What's On, Culture, Places to see, Places to go, Families

Prince Harry Meghan Markle

Nothing brings out international interest in the British Royal Family like a love story, and the engagement and impending wedding of Prince Harry to American actress and humanitarian Meghan Markle is no exception.

Nell Gwynn Chelsea Accommodation is in London’s best neighbourhood, and our location makes it easy for you to explore sites that will soon be in the world spotlight as the Prince’s happily-ever-after tale unfolds.

While the Queen’s residence, Buckingham Palace, is open to the public only in summer months, we are exactly one mile from Kensington Palace, on the edge of Hyde Park, boasting a red brick structure imposing for its history and size and gardens impressive for their sweep and beauty — and open year-round. Kensington was where Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, spent formative years of their childhood with their mother, Princess Diana, and where they live today — William with his wife, Kate, and their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte; and Harry in a picturesque cottage with his new fiancée.

Guests may tour many of the “apartments” and formal rooms in the palace, which has served monarchs from William and Mary in the 17th century to Queen Victoria in her youth to today’s young royals. Also available is access to the gardens, a tea room, gift shop, and a variety of educational and family activities, lectures and programmes.

A special attraction at Kensington is the exhibit “Diana: Her Fashion Story,” an unprecedented collection of the suits, dresses and gowns that made the princess an enduring icon — some never before seen in public display. Plan ahead to secure tickets for this massively popular exhibit.

Get a sneak peek at the site of Harry and Miss Markle’s nuptials by taking a trip about an hour outside London to Windsor Castle. Instead of a high-profile wedding in Westminster Abbey or St. Paul’s Cathedral, the prince and his lady will wed at the castle’s Gothic, 14th century St. George’s Chapel next May.

“Chapel” is misleading because this historic structure is more of a cathedral, its spectacular stained glass windows, flags and knights’ stalls bearing silent witness to royal weddings, funerals and worship for centuries.

Visitors can see the chapel as part of the Windsor Castle tour, and there are special events such as concerts and worship services, open to the public.

The journey to Windsor Castle is an easy one via train from London’s Paddington Station to the Windsor-Eton station, and there are a number of tour providers who provide transportation, tickets and lunch on a day trip from London.