Explore Star Wars Identities at the o2 and ‘find’ yourself at unique exhibit

Friday 2nd June 2017 9:05 am posted in What's On, Events, Families

Starwars Identities

“Star Wars Identities” — at the O2 through 3 September — is more than just an exhibit of artefacts from the films that have thrilled generations and continue to enthrall.

Described as a blend of science and memorabilia, the exhibit seeks to entertain with a vast collection of Star Wars film clips, costumes, art, props and scale models while providing insights, through the characters, into your own identity.

Lucasfilms had a very specific mission in seeking proposals for an exhibit of the movie items: that it also include a unique scientific component. The result is an interactive exhibit that puts visitors in the centre of creating a new character by subtly exploring aspects of health sciences, psychology, genetics, and neuropsychology.

The exhibit is designed for visitors of all ages. To learn more or order tickets, visit Star Wars Identities. The website is featuring discounts through May 28, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the film franchise.