Masterpiece London is the world’s most exclusive marketplace — right in Chelsea

Tuesday 6th June 2017 9:34 am posted in What's On, Lifestyle, Culture, Events

Masterpiece Fair

Masterpiece London is another one of our “neighbourhood” events near Nell Gwynn Chelsea Accommodation that is truly world-class in its opulence and scope.

Located on the south grounds of the historic Royal Hospital Chelsea, a short 8 minute walk from Nell Gwynn House, it draws some 40,000 visitors and 150 galleries and specialists each year during the summer arts season. They’re attracted by the finest in cultural, culinary and social experiences, with breathtaking international collections of art, furniture, jewellery and other luxury items for sale, vetted by the leading experts in their fields.

Now in its eighth year and running from 29 June-5 July, the fair is considered the top marketplace in the world to explore historic to contemporary items, with an emphasis on cross-collecting, and a series of events that highlight London’s most elegant hospitality.

Collections will cover 19th to 21st century art, modern British art, Impressionist, Surrealist and Expressionist works, old Masters; Egyptian, Roman and Greek antiquities; rare Chinese antiques, illuminated manuscripts and rare books, ceramics, contemporary design, art photography, rare silver, fine furniture and decorative arts from the 17th century to the present, and both antique and contemporary jewellery.

To learn about the fair, exhibitors and schedule, or to purchase tickets, visit