The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Monday 24th July 2017 1:46 pm posted in What's On, Culture

summer exhibition RA Photo Dave Parry

249 years ago, founding members of the Royal Academy decided to hold a summer exhibition showcasing “Paintings, Sculptures and Designs … open to all Artists”.

The Summer Exhibition became an annual event with the proceeds being used to support student artists where the likes of Gainsborough and Reynolds, Turner and Constable sharpened their skills against each other.

Today, the exhibition is one of the largest in the world, displaying over 1,200 works by established as well as lesser known artists all hoping to receive some of the £50,000 prize money available for stand-out works.

This summer, artists including Rosemarie Trockel, Julian Schnabel, Hassan Hajjaj, Secundino Hernández, Isaac Julien, Tomoaki Suzuki, Mark Wallinger and Sean Scully RA, as well as submissions by new Royal Academicians including Gilbert & George and David Adjay will be on display for visitors.

Located in the heart of Piccadilly in Burlington House, The Royal Academy’s summer exhibition is a highlight of the summer season in London with the 247th drawing almost 250,000 visitors to the many galleries inside. This year, the exhibition is open until 20th August with tickets available to book from here.